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List lookup issue

I have a list where I track my inventory.  So it's just a list of items.  The specific column that I care about is formatted as a Number field to allow for proper sorting.

On another list, I want one of my site columns to be a lookup to that specific number column from the inventory list. Everything works perfect in my computer browser, but when I tried to select from the lookup column via SharePlus, the dropdown list is blank.  Meaning, I don't see any of the items from my inventory list.

The site column in the Inventory list that I want to populate as my dropdown is set to "Number". When I test the lookup in SharePlus, the dropdown is blank.  I changed the same site column in the Inventory list from Number to "Single line of text".  Then, in SharePlus, I get the same result - dropdown list is blank.  Then, I changed the same site column in the Inventory list to "Calculation" with the returned result as a "Number".  Same result, does not work in SharePlus.  Finally, I changed the same site column in the Inventory list to "Calculation" with the returned result as a "Single line of text".  It finally works - I can now see my inventory items as part of my dropdown.

Although I'm excited that the dropdown is now populated, the data in the dropdown list is sorting as text as opposed to sorting by number.  I need to see the dropdown list sorted by Number.

Is this an error in functionality or behaving as intended?

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    Hello and thank you for posting!

    I believe that you should try setting the field as a number a gain, then go to both lists in SharePlus and tap & hold the list, then Edit Settings, and finally Reset All. This will force the app to read both lists again, to prevent using cached data.

    I hope this helps.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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    When you created a calculated column in your inventory list, it was still returning numerical values. SharePoint treats calculated columns shell shockers differently from regular columns when used in lookup columns. This could be why it didn't work as expected.

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    The behavior you're experiencing might be related to the way SharePlus handles lookup columns or how it interprets the data types. While SharePoint itself supports lookup columns referencing number fields, third-party mobile apps like SharePlus may have limitations or different interpretations.

    Here are a few things you can consider:

    1. Check SharePlus Documentation: Look into the SharePlus documentation or contact their support to see if there are any known limitations or specific configurations required for lookup columns with number fields.

    2. Data Types and Formatting: Make sure that the data types and formatting of the number column in the inventory list match the requirements of SharePlus. It's possible that there are specific data type or formatting requirements for lookup columns in the mobile app.

    3. Testing with Different Data Types: You've mentioned that changing the column type to "Single line of text" worked. While this is a workaround, it might not handle sorting as numbers. You might want to experiment with other data types that SharePlus supports and see if there's a combination that works for both populating the dropdown and sorting correctly.

    4. Sort Order Configuration: Some apps allow you to configure the sort order for lookup columns. Check if there are any settings in SharePlus that allow you to specify the sort order for lookup columns.

    5. Update SharePlus: Ensure that you are using the latest version of SharePlus. Sometimes, updates may include bug fixes or improvements related to column types and lookups.

    6. Consider SharePoint Views: If SharePlus continues to present challenges, you might need to consider using SharePoint views to achieve the desired sorting. Create a view in SharePoint that sorts the items by the number column, and then try using that view in SharePlus.

    7. Contact SharePlus Support: If the issue persists, it's a good idea to reach out to the SharePlus support team. They may be able to provide specific guidance or inform you if the behavior you're experiencing is a known limitation.

    Remember that third-party mobile apps may not fully replicate all features and behaviors of the desktop version of SharePoint, and there might be specific considerations when dealing with lookup columns on mobile platforms.