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Not listing blank items in lookup fields?

I have a lookup to a field in a list with several thousand items, when that list item is completed, I clear the field, so the lookup doesn't list it.
In sharepoint, this works fine, it won't display the list items with a blank value for that field.
In shareplus, it nearly achieves this, but I find I have to press "More Items" several times to start to see the items that have something in that field.

I see what is happening is that shareplus, starting from the beginning ID of a list, grabs a handful of items at a time, and will "display" them. If that handful is 50 items, and the first 500 items have nothing in that field the lookup points to - I will have to click "More Items" 10 times to get the handful that actually has items to display in the lookup.

To me, it's nothing more than a hassle, but it can confuse some of the workers using shareplus, to somewhat get around it, I've put instructions in that particular field of the first few IDs in that list, saying to press "More Items" until they start appearing.

Is there any way to fix this? A possible bug for a patch at one point?

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    Hi Cody,

    Thank you for your support request and for bringing this to our attention. It does seem like a bug/enhancement. Let me investigate further and touch base with our devs and let you know how we can proceed.

    Kind regards,

    Adrián Pévere
    Senior Support Specialist
    +1 (609) 448 2000 ext 1378
    Enterprise Mobility | Infragistics, Inc.

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    The behavior you're describing is likely due to the way SharePoint retrieves data for lookup fields. When you click on a lookup field, SharePoint sends a query to the list that the lookup field is pointing to. By default, SharePoint will only return a certain number of items in this query, typically 50. If the first 50 items in the list have nothing in the field that the lookup is pointing to, then SharePoint will not return any results. In order to see the remaining items, you will need to click on the "More Items" button. The obstacles in house of hazards are not simply randomly placed, they are carefully constructed to test the limits of cooperation and problem solving.

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