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SharePlus for MobileIron log issue?

I am having a issue connecting to SharePlus for MobileIron within my environment. I have added the free SharePlus for MobileIron app to the app store. I have created and configured the Appconfig and Apppolicy within the MobileIron configuration section. I use "com.southlabs.SharePlus.Mobiliron for the bundle/Package ID within both co nfiguration. On my iPhone device within the MobileIron application in the Secure Apps section, SharePlus for MobileIron is listed with green check; within these settings, all the MobileIron appliance information is listed correctly. Only red flag is the configuration count is showing Zero "0".  If I open the SharePlus for MobileIron application, the MobileIron app open to grant access to the app (This is how it should work); but I get a error when trying to enter in my ID and password. I have worked with MobileIron tech and all MobileIron configuration looks correct, per the MobileIron tech. The error I am getting is "Authorization error. This account is not authorized to access the app. Please contact your IT Helpdesk". The SharePlus for MobileIron seem to be recognizing my ID and password, as if I enter in a incorrect password, I get this error "invalid credentials".

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    Hello and thank you for contacting SharePlus Support!

    Can you please confirm the ID you are using is "com.southlabs.SharePlus.Mobieiron"? Maybe there was a typo in your message but we need to be sure...

    SharePlus and MobileIron should work without issues, so we need to find out which configuration or setting needs to be changed.

    Best regards,
    Juan Pablo Ayala
    SharePlus Team 

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    Hi Sarah,

    Following up to check if the issue persists. Have you confirmed the credentials to work at the Mobile Iron Mobile@work app?

    Wishing you a happy holiday season,

    Adrián Pévere

    SharePlus Team

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    The features you are looking for do not exist in the Pro version but could be offered within the Enterprise edition. 

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