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.p12 Certificate implementation

Can anyone send me a whitepaper or directions on setting up .p12 certificate authentication for this app. Trying to use certificate authentication to Sharepoint.



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    Thank you for posting at Infragistics forums!

    Setting up a .p12 certificate with SharePlus is possible and easy if you follow these guidelines:

    Get your .p12 certificate into SharePlus' Local Files. This can be done by enabling WiFi sharing in Local Files and copying the certificate from your PC:


    Then go to a web browser and add the .p12 certificate:

    Now go to the site configuration dialog and enable User Certificate, the certificate you just added via WiFi Sharing will be available (remember the format must be p12; if it were in pfx just rename it to p12):


     Input the password and tap Done.

    You are now ready to connect to your site using a client side certificate.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?


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