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Shareplus & Nintex workflows


On one of our sharepointlists, we use workflows created with Nintex.
We use the list to manage our errors and so on,....
To determine who is responsible for resolving the error, we use a user field.
When (directly in our environment) we change the user field and save the listitem, a workflow starts and sends an email to the new user.

When changing the name of the user within Shareplus, nothing happenes,.......

Any ideas?



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    Hi Wietse,

    Thank you for posting at IG forums!

    Theoretically, if what triggers the workflow is the item being saved with a particular value in the "user" field, it shouldn't matter what client app was used to make the change.

    The difference between SharePlus and a web browser is that SharePlus communicates with SharePoint using web services. I don't know how the Nintex workflows work and have never heard of a user using them along with SharePlus.

    Can you explain in detail what's the logic of the workflow?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Nice question and nice answer from Javier da Posa.

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