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Calendar Layers


Today I bought SharePlus for iPad and iPhone. 

Is there a way to show several calendars at the same time? I would like to see if different persons are free for a meeting... 

The calendars should have different colors so I can easily see the to whom it belongs - like outlook...

And the appointment should be registered in all calendars I selected. 

Is it possible to zoom the calendar? I have a lot of appointments. I would like to zoom in so I don't have to switch to day view and find the day again with a lot of "clicking"... If I want to see the 31 may i have to click a lot. And the loading time... Is there an easier way? 

Thanks for you help.


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    Thank you for posting at Infragistics forums!

    We really appreciate your feedback and we'd like you to add your idea here [] so you, and other users, can vote, comment and follow your idea: the higher the number of votes the higher are the chances of your idea being implemented in a future version of SharePlus.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

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