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Cannot Edit Some .PDF .DOC .XLSX Documents

Why can I edit some pdf files and not others. As well as .doc and xlsx.

When I open some .pdf .doc & .xlsx files there is no "pen" icon in the top left corner. 
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    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for posting!

    In the current version there are some issues with encrypted PDFs. Basically, SharePlus can't annotate them. This will be fixed in the next version, to be released around November/December.

    Regarding .doc/.xlsx documents, these can't be annotated like PDFs. In order to edit a document you'll need to have a third party app, such as Pages or QuickOffice PRO HD. SharePlus supports Open In, which lets you send, and receive, documents to and from other apps that support Open In.

    Do you have any office app installed? Which one? I'd gladly check for you if it supports Open In.

    I hope this helps with answering your questions.

    Take care,

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    The DOC or XLSX file may be set to read-only. You can check the file properties to see if it is set to read-only. If it is, you will need to change the permissions to be able to edit it. You can absolutely play with two people when playing basket random. Try to practice to become a professional basketball player.

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