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Shareplus 3.9 move to and copy to

I have a question about the SharePlus 3.9 features "Move To" and "Copy to". 

With SharePlus 3.9, you can now copy & move a document or attachment to either your Local Files folder or to any SharePoint location you can navigate to. In older SharePlus versions, the Save To Other Location action was used for Local Files, but this action is now extended to include any SharePoint location with the new Copy To and Move To features.

Can you explain what this means exactly?  If I have an email with a file attached, I can currently copy it to my local files.  with the 3.9 version of SharePlus, will I be able to copy it to a specific SharePoint document library?

Question 2:  will SharePlus 3.9 be available in the Pro version or only the Enterprise version?