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Can no longer open password protected document since new app version release

As of version 4.0 I am suddenly no longer able to open and view password protected Excel files. I had no difficulty doing so previously. I now get the message "Unable to read document. The operation couldn't be completed. (OfficeImportError Domain error 912)".

I see from earlier forum posts that this was a problem back in 2012, though I have never previously had any difficulty. It may be that I have only used more recent versions than the one referred to in the earlier forum posts.

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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for posting at Infragistics Forums!

    We had a few issues after the release of the 4.0 that we noticed thanks to you and other customers.
    Right now we have a new update available in the AppStore, SharePlus 4.0.3 that we feel will fix these issue.

    Would you mind go to: and update?

    We'll appreciate if you can provide us feedback after updating.
    Does the issue was fixed or is it still occurring?

    Thanks in advance,

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