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[SharePlus iOS] [4.0.x] How do I restore my in-app purchases? A.k.a I paid for PRO before the 4.0 update and it is asking me to purchase a subscription


I have purchased SharePlus PRO before version 4.0 was released. In spite of this, SharePlus is asking me to subscribe in order to access all my content.


  1. Make sure you're using the same Apple ID you used to purchase the PRO app. If you're using a different Apple ID, you're technically a different user and haven't purchased the app.
  2. Restore your In-App Purchases. Tap the subscription button in the home screen then tap the restore purchases button.
  3. If the above step didn't help, which is very unlikely, try reinstalling the app.

The steps above do not apply if you had purchased SharePlus PRO via Apple's VPP program. If this is your case, or the above steps didn't work, please send a support request from within the SharePlus app (Settings > Feedback & Support > Get Support).

I hope this helps.

Here's a photo walk-through of the process:

Take care,