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[SharePlus iOS] [4.2.x] How to generate and automatically send app Logs and video.

To provide further information to the Support Team, you can record your activity within the app on video and later send video and app Logs to the Support Team.

To learn how to enable app Logs, please see [SharePlus iOS] [4.2.x] How to enable app Logs.

Generate app Logs and record your activity on video

After the Log Recorder is on, just tap Log Recorder in the Sidebar and start recording.

    1. Start the Log Recorder.

    2. Reproduce the issue you want to troubleshoot.

    3. Stop the Log Recorder and choose Send.

You can easily start or stop the Log Recorder by tapping the new section displayed on the SideBar as shown in the images below.

Preparing Logs

Note: When you finish recording your activity, you are prompted to send the log session. When you choose Send, the Log Recorder is automatically disabled. 

Sending app Logs to the Support Team

Once you reproduced your issue within SharePlus and generated app Logs, you need to send them to the Support Team. How to send the app Logs depends on the license model (Free, Subscription, Enterprise).

A. Enterprise (email)

Enterprise users are prompted to send an email with the app Logs attached to either the IT Helpdesk or Managers. With this information, they can contact the Infragistics Support Team. SharePlus Enterprise has priority support for the reported issues.

B. Free and Subscription (in-app)

Once they choose Send, a form within SharePlus is displayed with the app Logs already attached. You just need to:

    1. Select the category.

    2. Tap Send. You will receive a ticket number to track your request.

Sending Logs

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