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Logging in to Sharepoint server behind ISA server painful

I'm currently evaluating SharePlus for usage with our elderly Sharepoint 2010 installation. Most of the software I find both pleasant and well thought out, but logging on to our server is problematic, as authentication is handled by an ISA server (Forefront Threat Management Gateway), which is not directly supported by SharePlus. My problem is that the web login route is pretty inconvenient in SharePlus, as no login credentials are remembered or at least pre-filled, wich means typing all credentials whenever a refresh is needed, or SharePlus is purged from memory by iOS (oh, and did I mention the web login window disappears when you switch to another app to retrieve the password?). As it is, this is pretty much a no-go, so I would like to know if improvements on this front are to be expected soon(-ish)? Not necessarily native ISA authentication support, though that would be nice of course, but something like pre-filling credentials stored in the iOS keychain in the web login form (personally, I’d even make do with 1Password extension support, but that won’t scale to other users ;)).