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How to select more sub menu items from the parent menubars


I am using RFT8.0 and Visual Studio2008 with TestAdvantage proxy to work with infragistics controls in our application.

Please help for the below issue while working with Menubar/Toolbar control object.

Below code snippet used to click on Menu bar items using its caption, but we are unable to add one more menu item for AtList method. Here we need to click on Driver Status submenu item after List Setup parent menu item.

Dim objTool111 As UltraToolbarsDockAreaTestObject     
'Find Tool Bar Items
        AMS_Globalvariables.tObj = AMS_Globalvariables.objWinForm.Find(AtChild(".class", "Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.UltraToolbarsDockArea", "Name", "_FormBase_Toolbars_Dock_Area_Top"))
        If AMS_Globalvariables.tObj.Length > 0 Then
            objTool111 = CType(AMS_Globalvariables.tObj(0), UltraToolbarsDockAreaTestObject)
            LogError("Failed to Find the Tool Bar Object")
        End If

        'Click on Toolbox-->System Administration-->List Setup-->Driver Status...
        objTool111.Click(AtList(AtText("MainMenuToolbar"), AtName("&Toolbox"), AtName("&System Administration"), AtName("List Setup")))

AtList() method accepting only four parameter itmes(Captions) as mentioned in above code snippet, so how to pass more than four  items in AtList method. Let us know how to use the subitems in array format.

Kindly help me in this regard.




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    Hi Karthiga and welcome to our forums

    The easiest way to identify our control is to record some click actions on them and this will add them to the object map and also to the script. you can record all your actions and the script should playback those actions during replay.

    Once the menu bar is added to the script via record you can manually write the script. The action to click menu item on toolbars is Click(atPath(...)) the path is usually the list of items in the menu bar to get to that item separated by "->" so if your menubar is called "MainMenue" and you have a file > open > PDF file, for example then to select that item your action should be:

    DockAreaTop.Click(AtPath(MainMenu->File->Open->PDF file"))

    I hope this will be helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions.



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