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webhierarchical grid and Entity Framework

Good day,

I am trying to get the WebHierarchicalDataGrid working in combination with EDM. In EDM i created an entity called Employees with a primary key on employeeID and an association to itself from ReportsTo to EmployeeID.

In what way can i make the WebHierarchicalDataGrid work? What fields do i need to fill and with what values. I want to do everything in codeBehind.

This is the code I have in the aspx:

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<ig:WebHierarchicalDataGrid ID="WebHierarchicalDataGrid1" runat="server"

    Height="350px" Width="100%" IsSelfReference="True" /> 


And in the codebehind:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


                List<Employees> result = (List<Employees>)Master.GetEntities().Employees.ToList();

                WebHierarchicalDataGrid1.DataSource = result;

                WebHierarchicalDataGrid1.DataMember = "Employees";

               WebHierarchicalDataGrid1.DataKeyFields = "EmployeeID";

              WebHierarchicalDataGrid1.Key = "Employees";

              WebHierarchicalDataGrid1.InitialDataBindDepth = -1;



As an addition: Trying to make the grid work with the entity framework via the grafical part of the grid also does not work. I can link all my entities fields to parts of the grid, but the data does not show. It looks like the reference to the lower level is not seen by the grid.

Kind regards.