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Follow up WebHierarchicalDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataSource question

Hi Nikifor,

I am not sure if you received my last post and decided to start another thread.

I finally had time after some health problems to review the application sample you kindly provided. However, my question was a bit more complex.

In the Northwind database we have the Orders, OrderDetails Products and categories tables. The OrderDetails table work as a mapping table even though it has more fields like UnitPrice, Quantity and Discount. So we have a many to many relationship Orders-OrderDetail-Products like this:

Orders---------> OrderDetails <--------Products<--------Categories.

1 - Can we use the Infragistic WebHierarchicalDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataSource with the Entity Framework 4.0 so that we could create a grid and display all the related entities?

2 - Could we use CRUD operations on the grid? Would the WebHierarchicalDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataSource know how to send the updates, insertions, deletes and using filters with the entity framework?  

Example: The grid would display the following:

OrderID, OrderDate, Freight, ShipName, ShipCity (from Orders)

UnitPrice, Quantity, Discount (from OrderDetails)

ProductID, ProductName, CategoryName, Description (from Products and Categories)

3 - If I updated the CategoryName and save, will it be saved to the right Category table?

4 - What about to create a new record using all tables? what is the best way?

This is the kind of tutorial I think you should be creating to help people like me that use the Infragistic controls.

Could you please provide a sample code for the scenario described above?



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