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Installing NetAdvantage WinForms 2009 does not install Office UI Capabilities

I have to modify a years-old WinForms app that uses NetAdvantage WinForms 2009 with Office UI capabilities. I have run the NetAdvantage WinForms 20092 installer and NetAdvantage WinForms 20092.2119_SR hotfix. The original source code builds, but running the app does not display the UltraToolbars ribbon. Opening the Design view in Visual Studio displays “This project uses the UltraToolbarsManager Ribbon and/or PopupGalleryTool. See "Installing Microsoft Office 2007 UI Capabilities" for more information.”

Investigating “Installing Microsoft Office 2007 UI Capabilities” suggests running the WinForms 20092 installer again and selecting “Install these UI capabilities”. I have done this to no effect, the toolbar does not display in the VS Design view or running WinForm app.

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