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Column chooser appear even if screen is minimized


I have an ultra grid in which i have a column chooser. If i minimize the screen, the column chooser dialog box appear on desktop. If a restore my screen then also it do not appear at screen and stay located at desktop. Could any one please suggest how could i close column chooser dialog box if screen is minimized or focus is shifted to some other screen.

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    Hi Nidhi,

    We tried this out, and were not able to reproduce the behavior. One reason we can think of why it would happen is if the grid isn't on a form. For example it has no parent, or it's being using in WPF or on a web page or something else that is not a Windows Form.

    Does this fit the description of your application? If this information does not help you to resolve this, please provide a sample application that reproduces the issue and we will look into why it is happening.

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