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UltraTilePanel hide scrollbar

Hi guys, i try with other topic to show the scroll bars in a ultratilepanel, (and tks again), but i dont like this solution.

when i add tils the bar appear and hide again, now i want try to hide completly th scrollbars.

i scroll the tiles with the central button without scrollbars, its possibile?

i dont wanna that the scrll bar use the space into tilepanel.

tks for help.

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    Hello Luca,

    By default UltraTilePanel does not come with a vertical scrollbar, as it resizes the content of it to fit all tiles. I suppose you have added a WinScrollBar or another panel in order to have a scrollbar, but there is no information in this topic how you have achieved that. 

    If this post is related to another topic, please post a link to it, or reply on the related topic, as the context in this case seems to be holding important information.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Tihomir Tonev
    Associate Software Developer