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Achieving an Outlook-style Week View using the UltraDayView control

Hello all,

I'm working with a set of UltraWinSchedule appointments and an UltraDayView control that displays the appointments. I'd like to be able to click a "Week View" button that makes the UltraDayView display the current week, with each day having the appointments in their associated timeslots displayed side by side vertically, much like how Microsoft Outlook shows the work week calendar.

I've read other forum posts on this, telling how to clear the SelectedDateRanges property of the CalendarInfo object and then adding a new SelectedDateRange from the week start to the week end, or from the week start for 5 days, using the following code:

uciMain.SelectedDateRanges.Add(weekStart, 5)

When I do this, I get a warning for "Too many days have been selected.". The MaxSelectedDays property on the CalendarInfo object is set well above 5 days. What could be causing this error?