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Ribbon group right alignment - mdi mergeable


I'm developing a MDI app, both, main form and mdi childrens have a ribbon. A ribbon group it's formed by 2 text box and 1 combobox. Curiously, if I build this group in the main form it appears well right aligned, but if I use the same group in the mdi child ribbon it appears left aligned when the main form merge both ribbons.

I've tried setting SharedProps.With to -1 for all 3 controls (in the child form constructor) but nothing happends.

Main form:

Merged child ribbon:

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    This behavior has been addressed in service release versions WinForms_14.2.20142.2132, WinForms_15.1.20151.2132. You can acquire the latest service release from your My Keys and Downloads Page on the Infragistics Website. To download the service release, select the 'Dev Tools' tab and then select the volume you are using. Finally, select the 'Service Releases' tab and the available service releases will be listed below.

    Let me know if you have any questions regarding this matter.

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