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XamDataTree with ViewModel itemsource and Checkboxes

Hello, I have a XamDataTree defined as follows:


<ig:XamDataTree x:Name="_MenuTree"
                        ItemsSource="{Binding Menus}"
                       SelectedDataItems="{Binding SelectedMenuItems}"
                              <ig:CheckBoxSettings CheckBoxVisibility="Visible"
                                                           CheckBoxMode="Auto" />
                                          <ig:TreeSelectionSettings NodeSelection="Multiple" />
                                              <ig:NodeLayout Key="MenuLayout"


The Menus property is in the ViewModel and is an ObservableCollection of clsMenuItem. clsMenuItem has the following properties: ID (int), Description (string) and ChildItems (ObservableCollection(of clsMenuItem))

I looked at one of the other similar posts on the forums board, but in my case, I don't see anything on the screen when then form loads, even though the Menus property has proper stuff in it.

What am I missing / doing wrong?

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