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XamMultiColumnComboEditor allowing Multiple DisplayMemberPath, Alternate row color change etc.

Hi Team,

I am currently using XamMultiColumnComboEditor inside XamGrid as I am new to WPF I not able to implement following things:

1. Enabling alternate Row Colors

2. Displaying multiple column data in the DisplayMemberPath

3. Display Selected items in XamMultiColumnComboEditor as Tooltip once the control is disabled (as the event like MouseEnter doesn't fire for disabled control)

   - Can we use any cell event for XamGrid to fire and get selected data from the XamMultiColumnComboEditor and display in the tooltip?

4. Remove the Grid lines inside the Control (i.e. the lines between rows and columns)

5. Showing the full row as greyed out once the data is selected in the previous XamMultiColumnComboEditor, right now only the checkboxs are being unable for selection.

Please help me with these issues.

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