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Sorting in XamPivotGrid


I have a couple of questions regarding XamPivotGrid and FlatDataSource. 


I have a HierarchyDescriptor with a month:

dateTimeDataDescriptor.AddLevel<DateTime>(date =>
date.ToString("MMM", CultureInfo.CurrentCulture),

It will give me the months like: jan, feb, mar, etc. The problem is when I sort, which will be sorted alphabetically. This is not correct in this case as you would expect jan to be first. Is there any way to control this?


How do I set the default sorting to ASC. Whenever I add a row or a column I would like it to be sorted. 

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    The OrderByKeyExpression property should be set to an expression in order to sort a hierarchy descriptor.

    Expression<Func> orderByExpression = d => d.Date.Month;
                datesHierarchy.LevelDescriptors[0].OrderByKeyExpression = orderByExpression;

    Since the Date.Month is actually an integer value, the type of the result is also specified as int. I have attached a sample project illustrating the approach.

    You can add LevelSortDirections to the FlatDataSource. LevelDefaultSortDirections list in order to sort the FlatDataSorce in code.

    LevelSortDirection sortDirection = new LevelSortDirection();
    sortDirection.LevelUniqueName = "[DimensionName].[HierarchyName].[ LevelName]";
    sortDirection.SortDirection = ListSortDirection.Ascending;

    Please feel free to let me know if you need additional assistance.
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