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Is it possible to use EnableAdvancedFiltering="True" with a FlatDataSource ?


Is it possible to use EnableAdvancedFiltering="True" with a FlatDataSource ? Our users would like to have that Excel-style filtering but our dataset is coming from a collection, not from a SASS instance.


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    Hello Ribao,

    The Excel-style filtering is available for the XMLADataSource which implements the ISupportFilters interface. Supporting the Excel-style filtering by setting the EnableAdvancedFiltering property to true is a product idea for the FlatDataSource. The same product idea has already been submitted here As a member of the Infragistics Community you can vote for the features and suggestions you want to see added to the products, resulting in the most popular features bubbling up to the top. When planning new releases, our Product Management team will look at the most popular features and use your feedback to prioritize upcoming work.

    There are many benefits to submitting/ voting for an idea through the ideas site:

    -          Communicate directly with our product management team. They'll see the idea described in your words and respond to you personally.

    -          Receive notifications whenever new information regarding your idea becomes available.

    -          Vote on your favorite product ideas to let us know which ones are the most important to you.

    -          You and other developers can discuss existing product ideas with members of our Product Management team.

    Thank you for your request.

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