FilterRowTop Filtering is not working on Xamgrid for TextColumn?

I have a Textcolumn displaying Date and Time(Whose datetype is DateTimeOffset) in XAMGrid. I am unable to filter that column. I am binding the xamgrid through MVVM pattern.

I am using FilterRowTop Filtering in XAMGrid.

I tried changing DateTimeOffset to datetime,then applying ValueConverter, it still doesnt work. Is there any way to convert dateTime to string on UI or any other approach

HeaderText="Start Date"
HorizontalContentAlignment="Center" IsFixable="False"
IsSummable="False" IsFilterable="True" >

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    You can use TextColumn’s ValueConverter to configure how the value is displayed in the column. In this scenario, when you use filtering, you should also use the TextColumn’s EditorValueConverter and its ConvertBack method to convert the value back to DateTimeOffset.

    Please find an attached sample application which uses this approach.

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