Problem "New Horizontal/Vertical Tab Group" option


I am facing a small problem with Regions when using Microsoft Prism in WPF. One of the read only views is opened by default but it allows to open new views in same region. As part of testing it was discovered that all new views always disappearing after using "New Horizontal/Vertical Tab Group" option for read-only view and then closing all other opened views next to read-only.

Please help me for correcting this behavior as I can't find samples how to use single region name after moving one of the views to other new Tab group command.

In the debugging mode I see that both views still registered with same region but opening a new view never works after closing all other views.

Possible option would be to disable this context menu options for read-only view only. But I was unable to find how to do this. All views having tabs in the header for manipulating order, hiding, undocking or closing view.