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XamDataGrid CollectionViewSource(Currentchanged is not executing when i move between record in the XamDataGrid)


Code Snippet:

BindingList<SalesPerson> persons=new  BindingList<SalesPerson>();

.... code that populates the persons.

CollcetionViewSource cvs=new CollectionViewSource();


cvs.View.CurrentChanged += new EventHandler(CollectionView_CurrentChanged);


public void  CollectionView_CurrentChanged(...)


does something....


<igDP:XamDataGrid HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" DataSource="{Binding Path=cvs.View}



Currentchanged is not executing when i move between record in the XamDataGrid.






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    Hello rameshbaburengarajan,


    It has been a while since you have made your  post, in case you still need of support I will be glad to help with this matter. I suppose the other community members can benefit from this answer as well.  So my research on your issue shows that the reason that the CurrentChanged event does not fire when you navigate through the records in the XamDataGrid is that theXamDataGrid’s IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property is not set to True. You can set this property to True and the event should fire while you move between the Records in the XamDataGrid.


    If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.




    Developer Support Engineer


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