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Custom labels on CategoryXAxis

I have a series chart that displays data in a frequency domain. The data values along the x-axis are very precise, which cases awkward labeling along the x-axis.

I know I can use formatting to clean up the numbers a bit, but I'd rather have custom labeling for more "sensible" labeling steps. For example, in this case, I'd like labels at "1000", "2000", "3000", 4000", "5000" and "6000", even though I don't have data points that correspond to those values. Is it possible to layer in custom labels that do not correspond to the available data points? The only thing I found close to something like this was the custom ticks, but CategoryXAxis doesn't support those. I have a hunch that what I'll need to do is remove labeling from this x-axis, and add another x-axis that contains the values corresponding to the labels I want. Is that right? Is there an easier way that doesn't involve multiple axes?