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XamMultiColumnComboEditor : Disable Filter, DropDownList


how is it possible to use the XamMultiColumnComboEditor as a "normal" dropdown combobox?

That means if I click in the filter textbox then the dropdwon list should be displayed (same behaivior a if i click on the button on the right side) and not the cursor placed in the textbox.

In the XamComboEditor this behaivior can be set with the property IsEditable. But ther is no such property for  the XamMultiColumnComboEditor.

How can I disable the context menu with copy, cut and paste items, if I click with the right mouse button on the filter textbox.

Thanks for Your answers in advance.

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    Hello Dirk,


    Thank you for your post. I have been looking into the question that you are having and the XamMultiColumnComboEditor does not currently provides this type of appearance built-in. What I can suggest in order to implement this appearance is re-templating the XamMultiColumnComboEditor and changed its template to achieve the appearance of the non-editable XamComboEditor. I have created a sample application for you, that shows how you can Implement the required appearance.


    Please let me know if you need any further assistance on the matter.



    Krasimir, MCPD

    Developer Support Supervisor - XAML