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Dynamic data chart

Hello everyone my name is Genti and I am new in this forum, I am writing here because I need help regarding my project. 

I want to use Infragistics charts for my project. My project consist on getting data from a sensor and they are dynamically updated. The data is displayed very well on gauges but now I want to display all data collected on a chart but I get only a blank page. Can anyone please help me, I am trying to using category chart.

Thank you. 

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    Hello Genti,

    I have been investigating into your requirement to use the category chart in this case, and I believe it is likely that the reason that your XamCategoryChart is not showing up could potentially be due to the data structure you are using – assuming that you have successfully bound the ItemsSource of the control and it is still showing up blank.

    For a reference on how to bind data to the XamCategoryChart, I would recommend utilizing the following online documentation article:

    I hope this helps you. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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