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  • WebShedule AppointmenAdd.aspx compatibility problem with Chrome and Edge browsers

    When I checked Infragistics WebShedule sample (version 2020.1) on Chrome and Edge browsers I found a real problem:
    The comboboxes on AppointmenAdd.aspx page (StartTime and EndTime) do not show any time interval values on them they show just a blank frame…

  • The type 'WebScheduleInfo' exists in both 'Infragistics4.WebUI.WebSchedule.v19.1...

    I already deleted the duplicate references, and those errors still appear to me.

  • Webmonthview Schedule different display with different permission role


    I have a problem with Webmonthview.

    My webform have several role witth different permission , like user and administrator.

    Administrator can see all the activity(there's no problem) display in webmonthview, but user can only see his activity.…

  • ASP.NET WebSchedule Appointment with recurrence is not working

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Infragistics ASP.NET 2014.2 WebSchedule control and I have some issues with recurrence.
    I wondering if version 2017.2 have the same issues, so I installed it and test it. It seems the I have pratically the same issues.

  • Need MS SQL database scripts for ASP.NET Web Schedule control (version 2014)

    Hi everybody,

    How can I find the scripts to create MS SQL database schema for the ASP Web Schedule control.

    I'm using Infragistics Professional 2014 Vol 2.

    I checked into the following folders but no SQL scripts are there.
    C:\Program Files (x86…

  • "Infragistics2.WebUI.WebSchedule.v6.2 - Keyboard Navigation?


    We are using "Infragistics2.WebUI.WebSchedule.v6.2 Version=6.2.20062.1060, I can't use Keyboard to navigate date and times to schedule an event.

    I tried to put following code,

    $("td[class*='igdv_']").keydown(function (e, item) {…

  • Web Schedule with SQL Server

    Hi everybody. I am tryin to use SQL Server with a WebSchedule, but I don´t have idea with how to use it, I mean, for example add appointments. I want to know how to modify it to use SQL Server.

    Thanks a lot.

  • WeekView control alternative


    I am upgrading infragistics controls in application from v2011.1 to v2015.1. I have almost converted the deprecated controls with their alternatives. However, there is one control which I couldn't find any alternative is WeekView control under…

  • editing activity

    I'm using the trial version of the webmonthview.  I'm able to insert records and delete records.  When I try to edit, the appointmentadd form displays properly with correct data, I edit the data and click save and close.  It goes back to the webmonthview…

  • Problem with display of appointments in webmonthview


    I have to setup an asp-page with booking of several resources. Database-connection etc. worked well after the (usual) problems when one's new at these kind of controls.

    But the appointments are not displayed correctly as the picture below shows…

  • WebDayView collapses on resize


    I have a problem with the WebDayView ASPX control. Client reports that if the page is resized (width changed) a few times, the contents of the view collapses.

    We have created a small project to show this behavior, it is availabe online here: http…

  • Hide scroll bar in webdayview

    Hi, i've a problem. How i can hide the scroll bar in my wedday view? I tryed to add the css class


    {overflow: hide;}


    but nothing. The scroll bar dont want to hide. Can someone help me? Please?


    P.S: Sorry for my english

  • WebDayView: Hiding or removing non-working hours


    I was wondering if there is a way to hide or remove the non-working hours from the webdayview control?

    I want the control to only show the defined working hours without having to scroll.

    I realise that you can set the scrollbar position to show…

  • Setting backcolor of All-Day event to same color as regular events

    I have a TimeLineGrid using the Office2007 style.  All the events on the grid are All-Day events as the grid is down to the day.  Unfortunately the events all show up white and I want them the same as normal events. All of the appearance settings are default…

  • Wecbschdule - wsInfo.AppointmentFormPath custom page

    The wsInfo.AppointmentFormPath has been set to my cutsom page.

    The page comes up with no issue, how do I access the appointment id?

    There does not appear to be a session object (I could be wrong) that has the value(s) and there is no query string on…

  • Sample App - Bind GenericDataProvider to ICollection

    Can you provide the VB code for MyAppointment and MyResource for this sample, this appears to be missing.

        Private Function GetAppointments(resources As ILis…

  • 'Resources.strings' is inaccessible due to its protection level


    I took from samples WebSchedule project in order to create a Sharepoint Web Part.

    To accomplish this I created a User Control containing webschedule.

    This runs fine as user control in a default.aspx page.

    Next step is to add this in Sharepoint…

  • WebScheduleInfo loses track of active day on a WebDayView when scrolling to the next/previous week and clicking an all day event.

    We have a Monthy View for time entry, using WebMonthView. I created a Weekly view of that same data using a WebDayView spaned 7 days and putting the time in as AllDayEvents. The first week displayed works great, click any day displayed,    WebScheduleInfo2…

  • WebDayView cannot be dragged to interval

    If a WebDayView activity starts at 1:10 PM, I cannot drag the start to 1:00 PM.  In other words, I cannot change the starting time from 1:10 to 1:00 by dragging.

    Is this a bug?  (I'm using Infragistics4.WebUI.WebSchedule.v14.2)

    Has it been fixed in a…

  • Cusstomizing WebDayView tooltips

    HI, I want to know if there is a way to customize the tooltip for the WebDayView control. I know about setting the format tags in the AppointmentTooltipFormatString but that doesn't give me as much flexibility as I'm tasked with providing.  Is…

  • Conversion to Infragistics4.WebUI.WebSchedule.v14.2.dll Cannot find the old control WebWeekView

    I converting a WebSchedule from an old version Infragistics4.WebUI.WebSchedule.v11.1.dll to new one: Infragistics4.WebUI.WebSchedule.v14.2.dll And the control WebWeekView is no more supported. How I can show I week view
  • Webschedule Month View prevent Dbl Click on Day to create a new appointment

    Hi, how can i prevent a double click on a day to create a new appointment.

    i want Display the month view , but only user's with rights to create a new appointment should be able to create a new one.

    how can i done this?
    regards martin

  • Custom Appointment Appearance

    In the WebDayView and WebMonthView is there a way to change the default appearance of appointments? For example I want to add an icon that would appear to the left of the appointment. Also I want to hyperlink the location such clicking it would take me…

  • Get WebMonthView selected date

    How to get selected date from webmonthview when user click on date area? not header


  • Show Calendar with different appointments and resources

    hi, iam currently try to build a page based on your sample
    BindGDProviderToDataSet. depends vom a query string i build up the calendar (each has his own loaddata method.
    i  have a calendar for Meetings, fair, birthday and trainung.

    first i will show the…