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  • XamDataChart ErrorBarSettings setting EnableErrorBarsVertical for each series point individual


    I try to show in a diagram the residua, which result from the method of least squares. With the help of ErrorBarSettings I achieved to draw the residua, but with the EnableErrorBarsVertical property I can only set for all data points, whether the positive…

  • xamDataChart adding ColumnSeries dynamically with MVVM


    I am using xamdataChart ColumnSeries with MVVM. I would like to dynamically add column series to the chart via MVVM.
    I am having a multiselection combobox, each item in the combobox will add/remove a ColumnSeries to the chart when the user checks…

  • infragistics xamarin chart, legend only populated when turning phone physically

    I'm using Infragistics Xamarin chart component and the legend only appears when I turn the phone physically to change its orientation. Maybe it has something to do with the way it needs to refresh or the way I am populating it. Does anyone know how…
  • Chart bar

    What is required is not having a group and generating a new color for each bar
    let it be painted, to have something like the following. Without each bar depends on lca
    number of properties that the entity has defined to show a bar with a
    new color.

    I have…

  • Content bound to a VM inside a XamTile does not resize properly when tile maximized


    We are currently using v16.2 and noticed that content bound to a VM inside the Xamtile is not resizing properly when the maximize button is clicked. This worked perfectly without issue on v12.2. My xaml is as follows:

        <Grid Name="LayoutRoot" HorizontalAlignment…

  • XamDataChart Does Not Resize/Redraw Properly inside XamTile

    In our application, we have some views containing XamDataCharts inside XamTiles controlled by a XamTileManager on a page inside a XamTabControl. The XamTiles cannot be custom resized by the user, but they can be maximized or restored to preset sizes if…

  • Axis title with Legends and Y axis stroke


    I need to implement the chart as given. I am stuck with 2 points.

    1) How to draw the vertical line or Temperature Y-axis(second)? I have put strokes on the Green and Red line for left and right Y-axis with the CrossAxis and Crossing Value property…

  • Xamdatachart Marker disappears

    I have the problem, that in a XamDtachart one of my custom Markers disappears, when I switched between the tabs. It doesnt matter to witch Tab, its always the same DataPoint that looses his Marker. I do nothing with the data in one of the other Tabs.…

  • XamDataChart Marker cropped by Axis


    I tried to display Markers with the Data Values in a XamDataChart. My problem is, that in a LineSeries, the Markers are cropped at the end and beginning, because the plot area ends. I found nothing to expand the plot area or something else, that…

  • xamDataChart: Display axis maximum display


    is it possible to display the maximum values of the axis in the chart?

    See attached image.

  • XamDataChart showing dash grid line and Value Overlay

    Hi there,

    I have a XamDataChart with and want dashed yaxis but a solid line at zero. I have achieved this by setting the dash array property on the yaxis and adding a value overlay. My issue is that sometimes I can see both the Value overlay and the…

  • XamDataChart Axes Visibility not working

    Hi there,

    I have a XamDataChart with 2 axes:

    <ig:CategoryDateTimeXAxis x:Name="xAxis" ItemsSource="{Binding DTDMetricChartDataSource}" DateTimeMemberPath="StartTime" Label="{}{StartTime:htt}" MinimumValue="08:00" MaximumValue…

  • Display Marker values only for the Max and Min value on the LineSeries.

    I have a xamDataChart LineSeries with 500 X-axis values and Y Axis values.

    I want to display Markers with the values for only the maximum and minimum points on the line series.

    something like this but values should be visible only for Red and Blue circle…

  • After upgrade to 17.2 Legend border disappears

    After upgrading from 15.1 to to 17.2, the Legend borders disappear. I understand this was a 16.2 breaking change. I added a border by doing:

    This does not look the same as 15.1. Is there a quick way to bring back the pre 16.2 styling for Legends? This…

  • Groupby DataTable for XAMDataChart

    Hey guys,

    I have a XAMDataChart i wanted to add a StackedColumnSeries.
    So I filled a Datatable from SQL that has 3 Columns:

    Team Betrag Monat
    1 4638 Jan 18
    2 450 Jan 18
    3 2301 Jan 18
    4 960 Jan 18
    P 3340 Jan 18
    1 3812 Feb 18
    2 312…
  • What is the difference between ActualWindowRectChanged and WindowRectChanged?

    Hi all,

    I have two or more charts on the same page and I want to sync them at the same x value when the user pan left/right or zoom in/out.

    If I use ActualWindowRectChanged the result is correct. But what is the difference between these two public eve…

  • Expando Objects in XamDataChart


    since we want to have dynamics count of values on data chart, we decided to use dynamics/ExpandoObject which works pretty nice in the way that I can use virutal properties which would be fine.

    But this doens't work with XamDataChart since it's…

  • NumericXAxis: How to set maximum visible value?

    Dear Infragistics Team,

    I need to set the maximum visible value for the numericXAxis when the app starts. I know that I can use WindowScaleHorizontal properties but It doesn't solve my issue.
    I have xAxis.MinimumValue = 3800 and xAxis.MaximumValue …

  • Binding Brush property to a property inside of a List of Dictionary

    Hi all,

    I have a ViewModel class with this public property:
    public List<Dictionary<int, DataModel>> Data { get; set; }


    public double X { get; set; }
    public int val {get; set;}
    public string Color
    return Legend.getColor…

  • Is there a "GroupBy" data source for Xamarin Forms?

  • StackedFragmentSeries with custom Brush doesn't use it as BorderBrush


    I upgrated from version 16.1 to 17.2 and recognized that the BorderBrush is not used from the assigined StackedFragmentSeries.Brush color any more.

    Is this as designed or a malfunction?
    How can I set the Border color?

    As you can see in the screenshot…

  • Bar series with different style chunks

    Is there an easy way to use different brush color along a bar series? I have many different bar series on the same chart. For each series I want to set a different color for some chunks.
    For example:
    I series
    from x-value = 5000 to x-value = 5100 set BrushColor…

  • xamDataChart change Title font size


    how can I change the chart Title font size. Upgrading from 16.1 to 17.2 decreased the title font size. How can I change that font size?

  • XamDataChart Legend has no border anymore v17.2 (DarkMetroTheme)


    I upgraded from v16.1 to 17.2 and recognized that there is no legend border anymore for the DarkMetroTheme. Is this as designed or a malfunction?

    Furthermore, how can I add that border again?

  • How to use a brush texture

    Hi all,

    how can I use a brush texture? I want to do something like this:

    var series = new ScatterLineSeries

    Brush = "texture.png"


    Thank you for your support.