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  • XamDataChart Lineseries tooltip is showing "Infragistics.Controls.Charts.DataContext"

    Hi Team,

    Recently we observed one issue in tooltip for XamDataChart Lineseries.

    We are getting  "Infragistics.Controls.Charts.DataContext" as a prefix to the actual text.

    If the tooltip value is "Sales" in Xaml, Then Control is showing…

  • Provide vertically anchored equivalents to the following horizontal anchored category series.

    I am working with the following XamDataChart types:

    • Spline
    • Line
    • Point
    • StepLine
    • Column
    • Etc...

    Each of these are horizontally anchored using HorizontalAnchoredCategorySeries. 

    I learned via support that Bar is the only chart type anchored using VerticalAnchoredCategorySeries…

  • Markers on legend missing in 21.2 vs 19.2

    Hi Folks,

    I upgraded from 19.2 to 21.2 version of Ultimate for WPF. All good but suddenly I'm missing markers on my legends (see below) when I revert references back to 19.2 all seems to work again. 

    What could be the issue? I only changed references…

  • Different behavior between SplineSeries and ScatterSplineSeries about smoothing

    Hi there,

    When using the ScatterSplineSeries, we figured out a strange behavior.(as shown below)

    As you can see, the right part (blue one), which is using ScatterSplineSeries, the dotted line goes a bit left then goes right.

    At meanwhile, the left part…

  • Chart Marker Precedence


    I have a chart that has a series which plots one or more custom markers. The user can select one of the markers to highlight and the intention is that the border thickness of the marker gets thicker when selected and that the marker jumps in front…

  • Add custom text to legend


    is it possible to add a custom text in the legend after all series are displayed?


  • Exception thrown when selecting filter for ComboBoxField column of XamDataGrid

    Hi, I have a grid which allows column filtering. All Fields filter fine except ComboBoxField. When the user selects the filter value from the dropdown an exception is triggered.

    I have attached the user control in question. i can't easily send the whole…

  • Date Time in NumericAxis

    Hi Folks,

    I'm using XamDataCHart and ScatterSeries with NumericAxis. Is there a possibility to assign date time values to a NumericAxis? Like we can in excel? 

    I know it is possible in CategoryAxis with Label format, however I Have data that doesn…

  • UWP DataChart Controls

    As a developer, I'd like to use InfragisticsUWP.Controls.Charts.XamDataChart and InfragisticsUWP.DataVisualization for my UWP Project.
    What about the licensing details?

  • Vertical Scrollbar in OlapXAxis


    I'm trying to use XamDataChart with OlapXAxis like the Infragistics XamPivotGrid sample.

    How can I insert a vertical scrollbar inside an OlapXAxis?

    Because the bottom button(s) will go out of the window once we have a few items in the XamPivotGrid…

  • Dynamically set TickMarkValues for NumericXAxis or NumericYAxis


    Our team is currently working on the DataChart and one requirement is about the labels in the axis.

    We need to set the tick origin(where the first tick mark is at) and interval according to the user input, but i found no property to set the tick origin…

  • ArgumentOutofRange exception in CategoryAxisBaseView


    I have a line chart that is updated frequently and after a while, for some users, I get an ArgumentOutOfRange exception. This is my stacktrace:

    ---> System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the…

  • Marker on Stacked Bar Series

    Hi, I need to obtain a Skacked Bar Series with labels insiede each piece of bar. Something like this but for bars and not columns.

    I tried to convert a sample from column to bars with any results. Do you have any idea to do that?

  • StartAngleOffset of CategoryAngleAxis

    I'm  a developer of AspenTech. I have some questions.

    I want put the first line at 30°. And all lines will be rotated by 30°.

    It’s like this:


    CategoryAngleAxis caa = RadialChart.Axes[0] as CategoryAngleAxis;


  • Generic Tooltip template for StackedFragmentSeries created in code behind


    My StackedColumnSeries is created in code behind, because the number of stacks are dynamically.

    To show the value I just need to assign the proper ValueMemberPath:

    StackedFragmentSeries serie = new StackedFragmentSeries();
                serie.Title = "Object…

  • Select parts of an xamDataChart to apply some style like excel do using a ribbon

    I'm trying to get the xamDataChart more interactive for the user allowing to select some part of the chart and applying font properties to it.

    - Chart Title

    - axis labels

    - axis titles

    - Legend labels

    - Annotations

    - point labels

    - etc.

    is It posible…

  • I want to display "Date" at the bottom of xamDataChart control.

    xamDataChart (20.1) control is being used.
    "Date" Axis does not appear below the chart.
    Please help

  • XamDataChart with multiple X-Axis

    Is it possible to have a XamDataChart with multiple X-Axis at the top and multiple X-Axis on the bottom. That would go with just one Y-Axis. I'd like to plot series on all of these and adjust ranges on all of the axes. 



  • AreaSeries on Numeric Axis

    Whether the series is vertical or a horizontal I'd like the series to shade an area to the left, right up, down as needed. This is to separate regions that the series is creating. To be used with numeric axis. 

  • xamDataChart with Area Series

    Hi Folks,

    I have a xamDataChart with multiple series that are created dynamically. There are always two series generated (spiky ones on the snip) that I want to shade the area to the left of these. How would I go about that in the code behind. 


  • XamDataChart Legend Wrapping/New Line


    I have a problem with the XamDataChart Legend.

    Is there a way to create a new line for the Legend items in a XamDataChart Legend, depending on the size of the window? If I make the window smaller, and not all of the items fit in horizontally, can…

  • Set column width in ColumnSeries


    I know this question has been asked many times before, but have you added the possibility to set the column width in the column series with a category x-axis? Setting Gap is not enough for med, I acutally like the columns close to each other but don…

  • Label Location in Radial Chart

    I try to show a radial line series. But I find the label is cut.

    I saw a similar post talk about this. But I don't find the explain of LabelSettings of axis. 

    Could you explain following properties:



  • Style crosshair axis annotations


    I have a crosshair layer with x- and y-axis annotations displayed. Is it possible to style these? More specific, I would like to display the x-axis annotation above my xamdatachart and the y-axis annotation on the side opposite to the y-axis itself…

  • spline series looks strange


    I have a xamdatachart with a spline series and a category x axis. My values on the y-axis are always decreasing when going to the right on the x-axis. When my values y-values stay the same for several x-values, I get strange artifacts on my curve…