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  • XamDataChart TimeXAxis to always display past 20 hours but offer scroll option.

    Hi again, final hurdle on the never ending Partogram. The clinicians want the chart to always display the past 20 hours worth of observations regardless of how much history there actually is. Eg, the X axis time scale will always be now - 20 hours. However…

  • XamDataChart export as VectorGraphic

    The possibility to export the XamDataChart to an vectorgraphic (svg) would be great to be able to save pictures that can be opened and arent blurry on any devices. RenderTargetBitmap always makes verything blurry.

  • XamDataChart? Is there a way to fake the axis values

    Hi, I am plotting scatter contour data chart.

    When I used the 0 to 10  for axis everthongis good, but when I used some real values for axis, the graphs got crooked. 

    Is there a way to fake the labeling of the axis, so It will draw the graph like 0 to 10…

  • xamDataChart: How to show tooltip in touch screens.


    How can I show the the tooltip (chart value) on a touchscreen, in the chart?

  • XamDatachart Axis Title doesnt apply settings


    I have a XamDataChart with multiple Y-axes. Because of that, I want to color my axes different.

    The problem I have is, that the settings 


  • How to display a right-hand axis tick line

    I have the chart above with a left and right y axis and a date time category for the x axis.  I want to draw an axis tick line as shown for the left-hand Y axis on the right-hand Y axis.  How can I do this?

  • Fixed X axis intervals regardless of data points

    The image below shows 5 plots over 2 hours (between 9am and 11am). 4 plots occur between 10 and 11. What I need is for the time scale to be evenly spaced 9--10--11 and the plots to conform to that, not evenly spaced by data point time. In the case below…

  • xamDataChart adding scatterplot dynamically with MVVM

    I am using xamdataChart  with multiple datachart, scatterline/scattercontour etc.  I would like to dynamically add series to the chart via MVVM.

    I saw a solution for this but it is quite old, from 8 years ago. I modified it a little to accept ScatterContours…

  • Support for Using OlapXAxis with Multiple Y Axes

    Please provide support for having a secondary y-axis on a xamdatachart that is using an olapxaxis.

    Example: We would like to be able to chart income (large currency value) as columns on the primary y axis and a count of income sources (small integer value…

  • Add Value Annotation to Value Overlay

    Like Final Value Annotation, a customer would like to put annotations to value overlays.

  • Feature Idea: index of interval in AxisFormatLabelEventHandler

    In XamDataChart's Axis has AxisFormatLabelEventHander.

    The customer would like to get information that which interval is currently called.

    e.g. Let's set Interval value is 6 in CategoryDateTimeAxis class.

    and Min and Max range is 24 hours.each…

  • Hourly interval for CategoryXAxis and how to color an individual series point.

    Hi, I'm working on a labor and delivery chart for clinicians. The patient has 2 different observations charted over time and we display them in graph form. I have 3 tricky requirements.

    1. the X axis labels should not be the actual observation times…

  • xamDataChart: RangeStepAreaSeries

    A RangeStepAreaSeries would be great!

    Currently I am using a the RangeColumnSeries, but this looks not so nicely as an area.

  • xamDataChart: Legend position


    is it possible to align the legend in the chart, just next to the legened label and that it sets its left position regarding the y-axis label width.

    In the screenshot is overlaps the y-axis label. I only know to set hardcodes margins, but when…

  • XamDataChart Multiple Binding errors when creating Y axes in code behind


    I'm having an issue since I updated to 18.2 (was priori to 17.2)

    I create Y axes in code behind :

      yAxis = new NumericYAxis();
                    yAxis.Title = IdYAxis;
                    yAxis.Tag = IdYAxis;

  • Horizontal multi lines in chart legend


    I'm creating XamDataChart from the code behind and I want to display the legend horizontally in two lines. Could anyone suggest me how to achieve that? It should be something like below.

    Thanks in advance.


  • ActualInterval is not updated for NumericYAxis


    I am facing a problem with XamDataChart (NumericXAxis and NumericYAxis). Data is dynamic loaded but XamDataChart  is placed in a non-selected TabPage. Moreover, NumericYAxis maximum and minimum are set (code behind) depending on the loaded data range. 

  • Xaml datagrid XAxis legend with negative minimum value displaying oddly

    I'm attempting to display a data chart which uses a negative minimum value and a range which crosses zero to it maximum value. 

    X Min = -2000,  X Max = 1800, Range = -2000 to 18000

    Y Min = 0, Y Max = 250 Y Range = 0 to 250

    When displaying the chart fails…

  • Set custom interval for Logarithmic scale for NumericAxis

    I've been trying to change the interval for my logarithmic scale (and other personalized NumericScaler axis) but even though the interval value changes in the control properties, the intervals and gridlines don't actually change, it only does so for lineal…

  • xamDataChart: DarkMetroTheme legend colors


    the line colors in the legend of the chart component is almost not visible (when using DarkMetro theme). See attched picture.

    How can I make them more visible?

  • Use different culture when formatting axis labels

    I am trying to use specific cultures to format the axis labels of NumericXAxis and NumericYAxis.  This is being done in C# code.

    I can set the format string to something like:

    xaxis.Label = "{0:C}";

    The problem is that it will use the system…

  • Mouse scroll zooming chart does not work inside a ScrollViewer


    I have a XamDataChart inside a MainWindow scroll Viewer and the scrollViewer implements below to scroll the contents with Mouse Scroll.

    private void OnPreviewMouseWheel (object sender, MouseWheelEventArgs e)
    ScrollViewer scrollView = (ScrollViewer…

  • XamDataChart: Legend for *LineSeries with DashArray should show dashed line

    Currently it shows a solid line in the brush of the LineSeries. The legend line should instead be a dashed array. This can be done by have the LegendItemBadge use a Path instead of a Line. Also, the legend's thickness should be the Series's Thickness.…

  • XamDataChart: Add 'Marker Stroke Thickness' on BubbleSeries

    Or use the Series's thickness for the marker outline, rather than hard coding the value in the template.

  • XamDataChart BubbleSeries bubble radius broken after upgrade from 16.1 to 17.2


    The marker size behavior is broken in 17.2 (as compared to 16.1). In the following sample, 16.1 correctly sets the radius of the circular marker. In 17.2, the bubbles show up in some arbitrary size (not the radius given in RadiusMemberPath), and ch…