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  • igGrid row selection exclude specific column

    Hi Infragistics team,

    I have a button in one of my grids and I would like to add the Selection and RowSelectors features.

    However, I don't want to change selection when a user clicks this button. How do I cancel the rowSelectionChanging event only…

  • Master/Detail Example for jQuery (MVC) Grid

    Hello everybody,

    can anyone give an example of the realization of a master/details grid. I searched the forum but I didn't found a solution. Either the examples are not presend any more or not fitting to my request.

    The detail should be shown inside…

  • igGrid remote summary


    We are using an igGrid with remote features (paging, sorting, filtering).

    How can I use the remote summary feature?

    I enabled the Summary Feature like this:

    GridSummaries summaries = new GridSummaries();
    summaries.Type = OpType.Remote;

  • Right-click grid event handler in MVC app

    How do you wire up a right-click event handler for an IgniteUI grid in an MVC app?

    I need the jQuery event.clientX and clientY to open a context menu at the mouse cursor.

    I also need the grid row id and right-clicked-cell.

    Also: this right-click may occur…

  • How to make grid and grid content transparent if disabled?

    In my project i have a grid inside which there are many labels, text-boxes and check boxes, on my grid i have a property IsEnabled, now when i set the property IsEnabled ="false" the grid contents(text-boxes and check boxes) gets disabled, which is working…

  • Edit a cell in a column while another cell updates in the background


    I have a grid with 3 fields, name, status and duration time, the duration field is calculated in a function and is updated every second, but if I try to modify the name cell and at that moment the duration cell is updated I lose the focus and the…

  • IgniteUI Template Engine JavaScript Error

    I get a JavaScript error when attempting to use the IgniteUI template engine {{if}} statement in the code below. (I'm using this in an MVC model, when creating a GridModel GridColumn template.)

    The first block of script fails with a JavaScript error…

  • Excel export not exporting conditional rendering

    Hi Team,

    I have template formatting for one of the columns in the grid which renders data depending on the condition. When I am trying to export that grid to excel, the conditional formatted data is not showing up in excel.

    Please find below the example…

  • Alternative of Webcombo

    Hi, I was using webcombo in version11. 1 but it is not compatible in edge and chrome. Can anyone suggest me alternative of webcombo in version17. 1 so that it will be compatible in edge and chrome? 

    Thank you! 

  • Table header not padding to the right when scroll bar appears

    Hi Team,

    igGrid seems to have the capability of including the padding-right on the table header when there is a scroll bar in the table body. This seems to work fine in case of local data source as below-

    But the issue comes…

  • igGrid load calling remote URL twice

    Hi Team,

    I am loading data on igGrid from a remote URL. I have used "urlParamsEncoded" property of ig DataSource because I need to send "top" and "skip" values to the remote URL. The issue is that whenever igGrid is loading (initial loading on page load…

  • igGrid not showing pages while loading after external button click


    I am having issues with remote pagination. The pages are not getting displayed properly on click of a button outside of the grid.

    Suppose I am having 20 records in total, hence count attribute will be 20, while my server serves first 4 records. On the…

  • ColumnFixing does not work if the grid was hidden during initialization

    We are using igGrid inside of a step-by-step wizard based on SmartWizard (
    It only shows the current active step, the others have css style "display: none;".

    Hiding the grid druing intialization seems…

  • iggrid ungroupByColumn error while trying to ungroup


    I'm working on a MVC project with iggrid. My model has a list of items and I'm binding the table with items. All works well, accept when I'm trying to ungroup a column after grouping it.

     $(function () {

  • IgGrid column templating: Double quotes break each block

    I can only use single quotes in my column templates. Either one should be valid HTML.

    See example:

  • igGrid: updating and grid.on binding not working when using GridModel?

    Following the example on

    I am able to initiate the edit in the igGrid, however, unlike the sample, the events that enable or disable the save, undo and redo are not working.  If I click the saveChanges button…

  • igDataSource filtering customFunc not working

    I am trying to filter my igGrid data based on a combination of nested AND and OR conditions. According to these old topics that is not supported by igGridFiltering:…

  • iggrid fixed header not aligned with row data


    I am setting height of iggrid to set fixed header with vertical scrolling, it is fixed the header, but its not aligned with row data, please refer to this snap.

    Below is the code:

    primaryKey: "templateID…

  • Exit EndEdit mode on selection


    I have developed ig grid with following features : -

    height: "650px",
    primaryKey: "Group",
    autoGeneratedColumns: false,
    autoCommit: true,
    aggregateTransactions: true,
    renderCheckboxes: tru…
  • igGrid editorProviders[i].getValue is not a function


    I have an igGrid and when I try to set the datasource I receive an error:

     $('#gridName').igGrid({ dataSource: data }

    The error is this:

    Uncaught TypeError: editorProviders[i].getValue is not a function

    This error start when I update de infragistics…

  • Grid last column width auto adjustment issue


    I have ignite grid with width as 100%.

    SInce for fixed column settings (% is not supported), am setting width in px for each column.

    When i give columns width in Pixcel, last column is occupys more space in large screens (it is getting auto adjusted to rest…

  • Convert datetime to user preferred time zone

    I am binding igGrid with data source which contains datetime in UTC. Whenever grid load it converts datetime in browser region as you can see in image. currently I am in "Asia\Karachi" time zone, igGrid converts all dates in that time zone. But I want…

  • IgGrid Inline Editing - Disable a control in a cell based on another cell value changed


    We are using IgGrid Inline Editing with Row mode. We need to disable the Resolution and Resolution Comments columns if System and Entered count columns values are same. Entered Count, Resolution, Resolution Comments columns are editable columns.

  • igGrid ASP.NET MVC Index was outside the bounds of the array on binding

    I am trying to redeploy a solution from about 3 years ago.   It uses Ignite for ASP.NET MVC (not core).   Works fine locally and during deployment gives the error Index was outside the bounds of the array on binding.

    The cshtml page that errors is below…