How Would You Like Your Bits?

Ambrose Little / Friday, April 27, 2007

In an effort to improve your install experience, we'd like to get some opinions on the following question.

If you are evaluating a software product, what do you prefer to do:
A) Download everything, including help, samples, SDK, etc. at once, even if it may be half a gig.
B) Just download the product bits first and then either download the help, samples, SDK, etc. separately as you need them (or never download those and just use online help/samples).
C) Download a shell installer that lets you pick what you want and only downloads/installs what you pick?
D) Try out the bits in an online VM environment.
E) Other, please specify.
You can either just pick one or put them in order of preference.  Feel free to contact me or just comment here.
Also, you can answer the same question from the perspective of "if you own a product, how do you prefer to download it?"
Thanks in advance for any opinions!