Wassup! (or "Why this Blog Exists" and "Who Are You Anyways?")

Ambrose Little / Monday, June 5, 2006

Some folks might know me as the dotNetTemplar, where I've had my personal and .NET blog for some time now.  That blog will continue to host my personal musings as well as technical ones as it has thus far.  This blog here at Infragistics is to provide you with a more focused opus that corresponds to my new role here as the Codemunicator.  Here I'll focus chiefly on .NET, Java, and other software development-oriented technologies, especially as they pertain to Infragistics (though not exclusively).

In case it isn't obvious, "codemunicator" is a portmanteau, in the great tradition of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, of "code" and "communicator."  Code is meant to broadly refer to something of interest to a software developer or architect, and it's my goal to serve you by communicating valuable knowledge about code in this broad sense.  

As for my background, I've been a professional developer for several years, written some technical stuff in books, magazines, and blogs, and I am occasionally known to speak at various geek events.