• Using MVC Data Annotations for validation with the Infragistics jQuery Editors

    One way to enable data validation when using jQuery and MVC is to use data annotations in the data model and then configure the jQuery editors to use them. This article will walk you through this process in the new 2012.1 release.

    The first step is to creating the basic ASP.net MVC app with jQuery. Once you create an empty MVC3 project you should add the Infragistics.Web.Mvc.dll assembly to your references. In my case…

    • Fri, May 4 2012
  • Infragistics XamRibbon End-User Customization Dialog

    The Infragistics Silverlight XamRibbon got a configuration dialog in NetAdvantage 2012.1!

    By default it is accessible from the Quick Access Toolbar drop down menu –> More Commands. The new configuration dialog is also accessible by right clicking the ribbon and then pressing Customize QAT or Customize Ribbon.

    When you open it you have two tabs with configs. The first one is the Ribbon config and the second is…

    • Thu, Apr 26 2012
  • New DateTimeColumn for the Infragistics XamGrid in 2012.1

    In previous versions of NetAdvantage for SL and WPF you had two options to handle columns with DateTime format. The first one was to use the DateColumn, which displayed your date appropriately and provided a date time picker to input the date – nothing shocking there. The other way was to add a text column and provide value converter to display the date and provide a editor template that uses the masked input control…

    • Wed, Apr 25 2012
  • How to Use XamOlapPieChart

    With the previous version of Infragistics NetAdvantage 11.2 we shipped the awesome Olap Axis that enables the Data Chart to visualize data from an Olap data source. Here is the article that announced that. Now with the upcoming Infragistics NetAdvantage 2012.1 release we introduce as CTP the XamOlapPieChart control that extends our charting ability to use pie charts in addition to the bar and column series. Here is how…

    • Tue, Apr 24 2012
  • Using the Infragistics Loader to manage resource references

    When you create an application/website with the Infragistics components you need to put a bunch of references to your pages that load all the required css files for themes, base styling and scripts. If you are using only a few controls, like lets say a grid and a combo box, this is easy to do. In some situations however things might get more complicated and difficult to manage. You also might end up mixing your own css…

    • Wed, Apr 11 2012
  • Using Load on Demand with Infragistics jQuery ComboBox

    The Infragistics jQuery combo box is a very useful control that allows you to show lists of data in a very customizable way while also providing you with selection. It allows you to use numerous types of data sources, it is quite flexible when it comes to styling (take a look at an article in which I showed you how to make it look as a multicolumn combo box) and works fast. One of the very nice features of the combo box…

    • Wed, Apr 11 2012
  • “Outlook Group By” in Infragistics jQuery Hierarchical Grid

    Defining hierarchies through grouping by a specific property (Outlook style) was introduced for the first time as a CTP in Infragistics’ NetAdvantage for jQuery 2011.2. This feature is now stable in 2012.1 and you can fully benefit from it. This article will show you how to use it.

    Notice how the products in this snapshot are organized by the color. You can achieve such grouping in two ways – through the UI, dragging…

    • Thu, Apr 5 2012
  • Feature Inheritance in Infragistics jQuery Hierarchical Grid

    The IG jQuery Hierarchical Grid is mainly used to display hierarchical data. You can either manually add the column layout specifications or allow them to auto-generate based on the data source. The feature inheritance allows you to easily propagate settings across all levels of data.

    If you manually describe all the column layout settings like columns and their features you might hit a situation where you have many levels…

    • Tue, Apr 3 2012
  • Searching in Infragistics jQuery Hierarchical Grid

    This article will show you how to load the IG jQuery hierarchical grid with data and enable you to search it from a small external form. It will also show you how to expand the rows that match your search results.

    Creating the Hieararchical Grid and Loading it with data

    Lets start with creating the hierarchical grid and load it with data. If you know how to do that you can safely jump to the next section “Creating the…

    • Wed, Mar 14 2012
  • Introduction to the Infragistics Word Library

    One of the hot new additions to the NetAdvantage for Silverlight Line of Business 11.2 release in the Infragistics Word library. It enables you to create high quality Microsoft® Word® documents in the widely-interoperable DOC/DOCX/WordML file format. It is completely independent from the Microsoft office software and allows you to run your application without requiring to install word alongside it. It supports most of…

    • Fri, Feb 3 2012
  • Multi-column combo box – NetAdvantage for jQuery

    In this article I will show you how to turn the Infragistics’ jQuery combo box into a multi-column combo box. This would be useful if you want to display the values of more than just one property of each item in the dropdown list of the combo box. Using this design pattern you could simplify the life of your users by providing them with a more informative and descriptive way to choose items from a list.

    multicolumn combobox


    • Fri, Jan 13 2012
  • How to use the Calendar control as a Slicer for the XamPivotGrid – part 2

    Last week I blogged about creating a basic slicer that looks like a calendar and upon selection of dates from it the data in the pivot grid is filtered. Here is the link to that article if you’ve missed it.

    This week we’re going to build up on what we created before. I’ll start with handling change of level in the calendar (selecting year or particular month or going up a level). Then we’ll tweak the UI to show…

    • Tue, Jan 10 2012
  • How to use the Calendar control as a Slicer for the XamPivotGrid – part 1

    Recently we had a customer that had a requirement to build an app using the Infragistics Pivot Grid and filter the data in it using a calendar. He needed to be able to select specific dates that should be included in the results of the pivot grid and show results for selected month, year or all periods. As additional functionality he wanted to hide the totals and all header cells that are not on the level that need to…

    • Wed, Jan 4 2012
  • Introduction to the Infragistics Sparkline Control

    The 11.2 release of the XAML Data Visualization product gave birth to a new control. Its name is XamSparkline and it is a data-intense, design-simple graphic that allows end users to spot trends, variations and patterns in data in a clear and compact representation. It is still in CTP, so you can get a nice feel of what that new control will be.

    The sparklines are like charts. These charts when displayed next to the data…

    • Mon, Nov 21 2011
  • New features in XamNetworkNode

    The 2011.2 release introduced a number of new features for the XamNetworkNode. The work we have done now makes it easier to use, scalable and more flexible.

    Lets take a look at the improvements in the Navigation first. In the old version the only way to navigate was by using the arrow keys or mouse dragging to pan the network node and by using the CTRL+”+”/”-” or the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Now you can do that…

    • Fri, Nov 11 2011
  • XamTileView and XamTilesControl vs. XamTileManager

    The 11.2 release introduced a number of changes in the controls that comprise the product. Some controls have new features, others just work faster, smoother, better and a few controls are replaced all together. The Silverlight XamTileView and the WPF XamTilesControl are controls that got replaced by the cross platform XamTileManager. The new control is quite similar to the old ones but some differences exist. The most…

    • Thu, Nov 10 2011
  • Infragistics Excel Library – new features and enhancements

    Good news for everyone that needs to use the Infragistics Excel library! Due to increased popularity and demand, the 11.2 release provides a number of improvements on this product. Here is a list with those new additions:

    ·         Shapes Support

    ·         Data Validation

    ·         Print Titles

    ·         Print Area

    ·         Page Breaks

    This article with tell you how to use those new features and will show you code…
    • Mon, Nov 7 2011
  • XamMultiColumnComboEditor

    The XamMultiColumnComboEditor is a cross platform control part of the 11.2 release of the Silverlight and WPF Line of Business product. It is based on the existing Silverlight XamComboEditor. Unlike a normal combo box it allows you to show several columns of information about each item in its ItemsSource, very grid-like.
    Multiple columns layout in the drop down is the main feature of this control. When you expand…
    • Thu, Nov 3 2011
  • XamTileManager – new control in the XAML Line of Business product shipped with the 11.2 release

    One of the new controls in the 11.2 release is the XamTileManager. It is the successor to the retired XamTilesControl and it is similar to it, but does everything better and now works both in Silverlight and WPF. The XamTileManager displays content using rectangular tiles, which are arranged sequentially creating multiple rows of tiles. Your end users can maximize one or more tiles, which automatically minimizes the remaining…
    • Tue, Nov 1 2011
  • OLAP Axis: DataChart with data from cube data

    Setting up the DataChart to display cube data was a complicated job before. You had to manually create the series in the chart based on the data in the data source and update the UI every time when something changes in the data source. Integration with the PivotGrid involved lots of code, handling synchronization, hierarchical data and multiple dimensions was possible, but very difficult. Exceptions and special cases…

    • Mon, Oct 24 2011
  • XamPivotGrid is now fitted with rocket engines

    The 2011.2 release has been a very busy one. Lots of new features and lots of improvements. The XamPivotGrid control got a lot of attention in the past few months and in addition to the new XamPivotDataSlicer control it also got a bunch of performance improvements. The results for our hard work are evident the moment you start your application with the control for the first time. Here are some figures:


    • Mon, Oct 24 2011
  • The XamPivotGrid gets slicers. Data analysis just got a little simpler

    One of the new features of Infragistics’ XamPivotGrid is the XamPivotDataSlicer. This is a convenient tool that provides the end user with an easy way to apply additional filters to the hierarchies selected in the columns, rows and filters areas and use them in conjunction with the measures in the measures area. The slicers are interactive and allow the user to filter the data in the grid in a much more straightforward…

    • Fri, Oct 21 2011
  • Optimizing Windows Phone 7 Applications (Part 1)


    When developing applications for a mobile platform, one needs to keep in mind more things than when they are doing development for a PC or a webpage. Performance optimization matters a great deal more then as the phone is not a computer and thus its hardware resources are limited. Modern mobile phones are light years away from what they have been in the recent past, but still despite of the quite impressively sounding…

    • Fri, Oct 7 2011
  • xamPivotGrid and Local (Offline) SSAS Cubes

    Local cubes or also known as offline cubes in the SQL Server Analysis Services are files that contain multidimensional data. They work in the same way as normal cubes in MS Analysis Server, but those cubes can be used when the client does not have network connectivity. Local cubes significantly increase the performance of the client application because requests for data are not sent over network, but are handled locally…

    • Thu, Jul 29 2010
  • Assemblies and namespaces needed for a XamPivotGrid application

    Dear reader,

    If you are interested in developing an application with XamPivotGrid and you haven't heard about the Infragistics Startup Solutions you might be wondering what assemblies and namespaces you need to add to your project. In the general case you would need 6 of them. The main control assembly two data source assemblies and a few dependencies. The following paragraphs explain it all.

    In the Silverlight version…

    • Tue, Jul 20 2010