Assemblies and namespaces needed for a XamPivotGrid application

Atanas Dyulgerov / Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear reader,

If you are interested in developing an application with XamPivotGrid and you haven't heard about the Infragistics Startup Solutions you might be wondering what assemblies and namespaces you need to add to your project. In the general case you would need 6 of them. The main control assembly two data source assemblies and a few dependencies. The following paragraphs explain it all.

In the Silverlight version of the suite all the names of the assemblies start with InfragisticsSL4.* and in WPF version the prefix is InfragisticsWPF4.* We will use SL4 for the purposes of this article, but you can change that at any point.

The default installation path for the NetAdvantage suite is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Infragistics\NetAdvantage 2010.2\. After you install the assemblies (no matter Trial or not) you will find two folders with assemblies in the install folder - Silverlight DV\Bin and SilverlightCommon\Bin. The first one contains DataVisualization secific assemblies and the second the dependencies.

The XamPivotGrid, XamPivotDataSelector and Expander controls are contained within the InfragisticsSL4.Controls.Grids.XamPivotGrid.v10.2.dll assembly. It is located in the first folder. The two assemblies that you have to add to get the appropriate data source will be InfragisticsSL4.Olap.v10.2.dll and one of the following:

  • InfragisticsSL4.Olap.FlatData.v10.2.dll
  • InfragisticsSL4.Olap.Xmla.v10.2.dll
  • InfragisticsSL4.Olap.Excel.v10.2.dll
  • InfragisticsWPF4.Olap.Adomd.v10.2.dll

You will have to choose one of those depending on the type of data source you want. Note that Adomd is available only in WPF.

After adding the three assemblies that provide the XamPivotGrid, XamPivotDataSource, Expander and DataSource controls you need to add the following three dependency assemblies from the SilverlightCommon\Bin folder:

  • InfragisticsSL4.DragDrop.v10.2.dll
  • InfragisticsSL4.Controls.Menus.XamTree.v10.2.dll
  • InfragisticsSL4.v10.2.dll

If you want to use the Excel data source you will also need to include the InfragisticsWPF4.Excel.v10.2.dll assembly from the same folder.

Once you have added the assembly references you need to add the namespace references. Those are the following:

The ig namespace contains the UI controls - XamPivotGrid, XamPivotDataSelector and Expander (along with all other controls whose assemblies you have added) and the olap namespace contains the data sources that are available.
I hope this has been useful.