The Infragistics Visual Studio Extension - The best way to stay up to date with our amazing products

[Infragistics] Borislav Traykov / Thursday, October 3, 2013

 Starting with our 2013.1 volume release we are shipping our very own Infragistics Visual Studio Extension. You have probably already started taking advantage of it by now, but I will showcase it in this blog post in order to highlight how it benefits you now and more importantly – in the future.




What is the Infragistics Visual Studio Extension anyway?

It’s a Visual Studio Extension – pure and simple. Meaning that you can use it for Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 (2008 only supports add-ins so it’s out of the picture). You start off by getting the Infragistics Visual Studio Extension via the Infragistics Platform Installer as a part of the installation bundle for any product. Note that although the installation of the Infragistics Visual Studio Extension is done by default, there having it is optional. So utilizing it is a matter of choice and a great benefit in the long run.

Infragistics Visual Studio Extension checks for product updates

The Infragistics Visual Studio Extension will notify you, either by receiving periodic notifications or doing manual checks for updates for your installed Infragistics products.

The Infragistics Visual Studio Extension makes you aware of the available updates to your installed Infragistics products

What do you get out of the Infragistics Visual Studio Extension?

“Awareness of the Infragistics product updates” is the quick answer.

You are kept in the know via the automatic periodical checks (which you can also perform manually of course). When a product update is available, you will see what’s the latest service or volume release. You will get a direct download link to each available update, as well as a link to that update’s release notes.

You can even fine tune the update checks in order to have them done at a time convenient to you, for example once a week or after 1 month - after you have released a new version of your product and you can safely consider using a newer version of the Infragistics products.

You also get to control when and how the automatic update checks will be performed.

Last, but not least, the Infragistics Visual Studio Extension features options for launching the Infragistics Version Utility which will in turn help you out with updating your projects’ references to the updated Infragistics products.

Conclusion and a glimpse into the future

The Infragistics Visual Studio Extension enables you to be up to speed with the latest and greatest of the Infragistics products you are already using. You can have automatic, or manual checks or even both.
Farseeing at the upcoming volume release (2013.2) the Infragistics Visual Studio Extension will be boosted to utilize the Infragistics Platform Installer so you can immediately gain the awesome installation experience for all of our products.

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