Creating iOS Applications using C# with Xamarin.iOS Webinar Follow-up

Brent Schooley / Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I had a great time today presenting a webinar on creating iOS applications using C# with Xamarin.iOS.  It was really neat to be able to conduct this webinar on the day that Xamarin announced Xamarin 2.0.  That was a complete coincidence, but it made for a much more interesting presentation.  I got to show off the new Xamarin Studio IDE and talk about the great new pricing structure and component store before digging into the meat of the presentation.  I apologize, the webinar did not record properly so I am going to work on re-recording it tomorrow for all of you.  Stay tuned. Update: The video is now available


Webinar recording

The webinar recording is now available on YouTube: Creating iOS Apps Using C# with Xamarin.iOS

Code demos

In the code demos, I showed how to create a basic “Hello World” application using Xamarin Studio.  In this example, I showed how the integration between Xamarin Studio and Xcode allows you to work on the XIB interface files inside of Xcode and have those changes reflected in the Xamarin Studio project.  This integration is the only way to work with XIB files in a Xamarin.iOS project so it’s good to understand the basics of how it works.  The completed Hello World project is available here:

The second demo I showed was the Employee Directory sample that is provided by Xamarin.  You can download this sample from within Xamarin Studio.

The third demo I showed was a sample I built using the Infragistics NucliOS chart control.  This basic sample shows how to configure an area series for the IGChartView in C#.  This is also a good example of setting up a view completely from code instead of using the Interface Builder in Xcode.  The code for this project is available here: and the accompanying blog post explaining it (which needs updated for the new bindings!) is here.

Other resources I mentioned…

I mentioned a lot of assorted things in the webinar.  Here are some of the things I mentioned:


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