What's New in 17.2: Ultimate UI for Xamarin

Brian Lagunas / Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We’re pleased to announce a number of new features and improvements in Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin, including new chart types, Control Configurators, and improvements to the Data Chart and Scheduler that offer more options and flexibility. Here are the new features and improvements for version 17.2. 

New Charts

Two new chart controls have been added to Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin that provide new options for data visualization: the xamDoughnutChart and the xamFunnelChart.

The Doughnut Chart displays multiple data series using concentric rings, with slices that can be easily labeled or left unlabeled within each ring.

The center can be labeled or left hollow, and the diameter of the center can be narrowed or expanded.

Slices can be exploded for easier viewing of data, either programmatically or in response to touch or mouse gestures.

Data categories that are too small for meaningful display can be grouped in an Others category based on a customizable threshold.

The Funnel Chart displays diminishing values of a single series in a funnel shape with a variable number of sections that total 100 percent. It’s especially good for showing quantitative data in relation to the stages of a process — for example, expenses from manufacturing to sale of a product, or bottlenecks in the flow of a multi-step process.

Users can select individual slices of the funnel, and can interact with the funnel chart in a variety of ways, including firing events that your application can act on.

The funnel can be inverted or curved in or out on a Bezier curve.

The Funnel Chart includes a legend feature that can be configured and docked to any of the chart’s corners or borders. Each legend item corresponds to a single colored funnel section.

New QR Barcode

With the Quick Response (QR) barcode control, you can create a 2-D barcode matrix code that can be read by QR scanners and smartphones. The barcode is a square pattern made up of black square modules, with a unique finder pattern at three of the corners. You can use the QR barcode to embed data into your app so that users can simply scan to display a text, open a URL, compose a message, or more.   

The QR Barcode control supports sizes ranging from 21x21 modules (Version1) to 177x177 modules (Version40). You can also specify an undefined size, which internally calculates the smallest version necessary to accommodate the encoded data. Different compaction modes enable you to encode large numbers of alphanumeric, numeric, byte or JIS Kanji characters. The QR Barcode offers four levels of error correction to restore the encoded data if the barcode is damaged or soiled.

New Control Configurators

Shave hours off your development time with Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin Control Configurators, which enable you to visually configure controls quickly and easily — no coding required. Use pre-built styles and WYSIWYG property editing to customize your controls and bind data directly from XAML files, then generate code with the click of a button. Control Configurators are available for six controls: Category Chart, Pie Chart, Bullet Graph, Linear Gauge, Radial Gauge, and Data Grid.

Improvements to Data Grid

The Xamarin Data Grid now features column grouping with sticky headers, enabling you to organize data hierarchically based on matching property values. You can apply grouping to multiple columns to fine-tune your sorting and display.

By default, the current group row is pinned to the top of the grid until the last row in the group is scrolled out of view, at which point the next group row is pinned to the top; you can also choose to disable sticky headers.

The Grid also now allows row pinning by either using keys or the underlying data source items. When a row is pinned, it will show at the top of the data grid and remain fixed there.

Improvements to Scheduler 

We’ve added a Day View and a Week View to the Scheduler. The Day View presents the hours of the day vertically, with activities arranged horizontally in configurable timeslots.

You can display up to seven contiguous days at one time. All-day activities that span multiple days will be rendered as a single activity stretching across each scheduled day in the view.

The Day View enables you to define working hours and schedule resources such as equipment or conference rooms.

The Week View has the same features as the Day View, but displays activities for all days in a particular week. Seven days are shown by default; you can custom-define working days and display only the working days in a week. 

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