Get up to speed with Windows 8: a tutorial series

Brent Schooley / Monday, September 17, 2012

Today I would like to preview an upcoming tutorial series I have been working on and will begin posting here soon.  The series will build a Windows Store application called "Running Total" from the ground up.  The application will allow users to connect to their RunKeeper data using the HealthGraph API.  It uses Infragistics upcoming chart and map controls for Windows 8.  Here is a preview of what one of the screens in the application will look like:

What you'll learn

Over the course of the series, you'll learn how to:

  1. Get started started with Windows 8 using XAML and C#
  2. Authenticate users to web services using WebAuthenticationBroker
  3. Use web APIs in your Windows 8 applications
  4. Create an engaging GridView header
  5. Use Infragistics WinRT controls
  6. How to publish your app on the Windows Store

If you are interested in the design side of Windows 8, the "Running Total" application will also be the sample application used in my upcoming book "Designing for Windows 8".  The book covers the design decisions made in creating the app and this tutorial series will cover how to actually build it.  Combined, I hope to provide you with a great set of resources to get up and running with Windows 8.

If you have anything specific you would like for me to cover in this series, or you just want to provide some feedback, please find me on Twitter @brentschooley.  You can also reach me via email at