Introducing the New Xamarin & WPF Category Chart Control Configurator

Infragistics Team / Monday, October 16, 2017

With Infragistics Control Configurators for Xamarin and WPF, you can choose and implement a preconfigured control in just seconds, without having to know the API or write your own XAML. Our configurators for grids, charts, gauges, and more include a rich menu of properties to fit virtually any scenario, and let you customize details like size, shape, color, and animation to get exactly the look and feel you need. 

We’ve created a series of videos to show you the capabilities of all the new configurators. We’ll be featuring each control and video in a series of blog posts, starting here with the Infragistics Category Chart Control Configurator for WPF and Xamarin This configurator simplifies the process of choosing the data properties you want to plot and customizing your chart types and appearance. Use it to learn the Category Chart API and speed up your development — no coding required.

This demo video to help you learn more about using the Category Chart Control Configurator to plot and visualize your data, including some helpful tips for customizing your trend lines and other design elements of your charts.

This video playlist will give you a holistic look at our Control Configurators for WPF and Xamarin. And when you download Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin, you get configurators not just for the category chart, but for gauges, the data grid and more. Create fast, beautiful cross-platform mobile apps with your free trial of our Xamarin controls today.