2 Step Process to Upgrade Windows 8 JavaScript Applications from RC to RTM

Craig Shoemaker / Friday, August 17, 2012

2 Step Process to Upgrade Windows 8 JavaScript Applications from RC to RTM

Now that Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 are in their final state you may have a number of Windows 8 JavaScript projects built with the RC of Visual Studio 2012 that now need an upgrade to RTM bits. The upgrade process is simple: update the WinJS project reference and update the markup.

Update the WinJS Reference

The Windows 8 JavaScript project template includes a reference to WinJS by default. When you open a project build with the RC in the final version of Visual Studio you’ll see a broken reference.

Broken WinJS Reference from RC project in Visual Studio 2012 RTM

To update the reference to RTM, delete the broken reference, open the Add Reference dialog and select the Windows Library for JavaScript 1.0 Windows Extension.

Add WinJS RTM reference

Update the Markup

HTML pages that accompany Windows 8 JavaScript applications include references to style sheets and JavaScript files that are embedded in WinJS itself. The RC markup includes a suffix of ".RC" in the HTML markup referencing these resources:

WinJS RC Markup

To upgrade the markup do a Search and Replace (throughout the entire solution) replacing Microsoft.WinJS.1.0.RC with Microsoft.WinJS.1.0 

WinJS RTM Markup

You’re all Done!

Now just run your app to test and ensure everything else works as expected.

Note: There may be some cases where other adjustments may be necessary if any API changes occurred between RC and RTM, these steps should your old projects at least running in the final environment.