Enabling Web Grid Ajax Loading Indicator for WebDataGrid for WebHierarchicalDataGrid

Craig Shoemaker / Friday, April 29, 2011

When dealing with asynchronous data processing you often want to give users an indication that action is being performed by displaying some sort of indicator. The WebDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataGrid controls can easily be configured to display an Ajax indicator to the user.

  1. Configure the AjaxIndicator properties group
    1. Open the grid’s properties in the Property window
    2. Expand the AjaxIndicator section
    3. Set ImageUrl equal to the path of the loading image
    4. Set Location equal to the location on the page of the indicator
    5. Set RelativeToControl to determine if the location is relative to the grid or the page

Note: The grid must have the EnableAjax property set to True for the loading indicator to work properly.