Get Started Learning Ignite UI Today!

Craig Shoemaker / Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anytime you approach a new library or set of controls sometimes it’s nice to get a helping hand. In an effort to make it drop-dead simple for you to learn how to get started with Ignite UI, I am announcing the release of Fundamentals of Ignite UI.

This video series will acquaint you with Ignite UI from some of the high level architectural constructs down to the details a control’s API. The first batch of videos in the series includes 15 videos which introduce Ignite UI as a whole and then moves into working with the particulars of the igGrid control.

Ignite UI Introduction

igGrid Introduction

igGrid Interactive Features

I am splitting up the total of the grids features into interactive, customizable and editable features. This batch just gets you warmed up to the igGrid and then reviews the interactive features. Later customization features will include features like column hiding, merged cells, client templates, column summaries and the like. The last section will take you through the features which support CRUD operations in the grid.

The long-term goal is to go through as many controls as possible, so there’s a lot of content ahead!

Please let me know what you think of the videos and feel free to suggest what you might like to see covered in an upcoming video.