Painless Virtual Machine Management with XP-More

Craig Shoemaker / Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Working with beta software is hazardous to any developer’s machine, but betas are also a way of life. Therefore a good virtual machine strategy is important in order to keep those beastly betas at bay. XP-More is a open source tool that helps ease the pain of creating and managing VMs.

Here’s an excerpt from the project’s home page:

What is XP-More?

XP-More is a tool that helps manage Windows 7 Virtual Machines (XP Mode and any other). Specifically, it makes duplication of VMs a no brainer - no more raw XML editing and manually duplicating files.

Why is XP-More needed?

The built-in VM management capabilities are quite basic. If all you're looking for is an XP environment, you can make do with that. However, if you'd like to duplicate existing VMs, there's some delicate manual work you'll have to do. That is, unless you have XP-More. XP-More is a free and portable tool, which helps you manage your virtual machines. Want a new environment where you can test-drive the latest VS2010 RC? Want to create a backup of an existing installation before you make some changes? Just click a button, and your done.

Download XP-More here!