WebDataGrid FAQs and Introduction to Quince Pro

Craig Shoemaker / Friday, January 29, 2010

This week I released a few tutorials on commonly asked questions for the WebDataGrid as well as a introductory video demonstrating the exciting new features of Quince.

WebDataGrid Client-Side CRUD

Learn to send add, edit and delete messages for the WebDataGrid from the client. The sample in this demonstration uses the ObjectDataSource, but you may use this approach with any ASP.NET data source control.

WebDataGrid DataViewState vs ViewState

ASP.NET view state is a touchy subject. In recent years the entire concept of view state has been under scrutiny for it’s seemingly easy and endless abuse. But just as the baby should not be thrown out with the bath water, a mishandled tool does not render it useless.

Proper use of view state in ASP.NET pages can help performance (yes, I said help) and provide a number of other workflow and productivity benefits. This article’s aim is to dissect the differences between the WebDataGrid’s two view state properties: EnableDataViewState and EnableViewState.

Introduction to Quince Pro

Learn about the latest version of Quince Pro. See how to use the new 'corkboard' features to store examples and collaborate on designs. Learn to print a PDF with all the changes made by different users and get an introduction into private libraries.