Pluralsight and Infragistics Partner for an MVVM & Prism Webinar!

Dara Monasch / Thursday, June 11, 2015

On June 30th at 11am EST, Infragistics and Pluralsight will partner for the first time to bring you a brand new, free webinar from Brian Lagunas - MVVM Made Simple with Prism.

Brian Lagunas, as one of the new owners of the Prism platform, and as a Pluralsight Author and Infragistics WPF Product Manager, is a true field expert on this topic. As such, in my opinion the best way to introduce this webinar is with a short excerpt directly from the expert himself:

"WPF developers have been using the MVVM design pattern since it was first introduced by John Gossman back in 2005. While MVVM has become the standard for the majority of WPF developers, there are a number of issues that have become side effects of the separations created by MVVM.

In a lot of cases, more questions than answers are the result of using the MVVM pattern: “how do I make the connection between the View and ViewModel?”, “how do I invoke actions in my ViewModels?”, “how do I communicate between ViewModels?”, “how do I navigate to other views from within my ViewModels?”, and more.

This session will walk you through how to simplify your WPF applications by using the features of Prism to implement MVVM and answer all of these questions and more. "

So if you have these questions, or really any others around the platforms Brian will be covering, be sure to register now and join us for the webinar. Hope to see you there!