Better than a Day at the Beach

Derek Harmon / Friday, August 29, 2008

We're always interested in working with developers to make you successful, and even telling the world about your successes in creating innovative solutions through our Customer Success Stories program.  But, with the Labor Day holiday approaching here in the States, and everybody rushing off to their favorite holiday destinations (Aruba? Honolulu? the Hamptons?), we've had an opportunity to reflect on a different kind of success with our latest case study.

If you haven't explored the Careers section of our Web site yet, this Labor Day weekend is probably a better time than any to start because we've published the career success story, "SetFocus Graduates Discover Success at Infragistics."  SetFocus is a strategic partner of ours that has first-class programs allowing software development professionals to acquire the skills and real-world expertise this industry needs. Over the years, some 30 SetFocus graduates have swelled the Infragistics rank-and-file, and I have had the pleasure of working alongside many of them.  These career success stories aren't only a testament to SetFocus, but to each of the young men and women profiled.  This weekend as we're on the beach, at the barbecue, or doing some much needed hanging-out with the family unit, we salute them and the developers everywhere they represent.

Have a great weekend, everybody.