It's Interactive Design for a Good Cause

Derek Harmon / Monday, January 25, 2010

You have probably heard about this year's PhizzPop Design Challenge being sponsored by Microsoft and The Webby Awards from your fellow interactive designers.  If not, you have now!  :-)

This is a great contest in which to demonstrate your shop's UX design chops, all for the benefit of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Did I mention that 3 finalist teams win travel and accommodations to MIX10 in Las Vegas and the winner receives $50,000 towards delivery of their design strategy?  (Please read the official press release for details.)

As with many things in this world, the PhizzPop Design Challenge runs on internet time.  The deadline for your entry is less than four weeks away—February 19.  Now you're probably wondering how can you bring your team together (especially if you work in different offices) in that short of a time to produce the winning design?

How can you communicate always up-to-the-minute examples and patterns to all team members?  How can you collaborate on the best user stories 24/7?  How can you cultivate the UX patterns that will change for the better how donors, parents, volunteers and the media engage with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America?

In order to tackle these challenges, we're letting all interactive designers and Web developers participating in this PhizzPop Design Challenge use the 5-user version of Quince Pro™ absolutely free for up to 60 days to communicate, collaborate and cultivate their team's design strategies.

Quince Pro is the secure, private and reliable cloud-hosted workspace for creating style guides and design libraries with all of the great features found in the Quince UX patterns browser.  By using Quince Pro, you can bring your team, your ideas, your inspiration together into one place faster than ever before, and for an incredibly good cause!

Sign-up to try Quince Pro free for 60 days on (if you do not already have a member ID, you will need to register on our Web site):

  1. Under the "Help" menu, choose "Quince Pro Subscription Options" which displays a form describing the different subscription options based on your team's size.
  2. Find and click the large golden "Try a 5-User Subscription Free for 60 Days" button.
  3. You will automatically be set-up as the Librarian of your own private Quince Pro workspace, and can invite 4 more team members to join you and begin developing your design library.


I wish all designers working on the PhizzPop Design Challenge the best of luck, and want to thank you for devoting your creativity to this good cause.